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We are thrilled that you are interested in The Clockwork System™️ Course + Coaching Support

Working with a Clockwork Certified Partner™️ is the best way to get support while implementing Clockwork, and EMA has 2 Clockwork Certified Partners™️ on our team. Please note that if you are only interested in purchasing the self-paced course for $497, click here.

This product is a recurring payment in exchange for direct access to EMA as your Clockwork Certified Partner™️

With purchase of this coaching program, you will receive:

  • Free Access to The Clockwork System™️ Course for as long as you are in partnership with EMA
  • EMA's coaching and guidance through each module
  • Access to the EMA calendar to book zoom sessions to discuss each module and how it relates to your business and implementation needs
  • Access to EMA via email for ongoing support

The Clockwork System™️ is the #1 Operational Efficiency Course for small business owners looking to stop overworking, free up their time, and sustainably scale.

Imagine being able to step away from your business for a day, a week, a MONTH, and nothing falls apart.

  • Sales are made, clients are served, bills are paid. And things don't just hum along; they grow.
  • You come back to find you've made even more revenue, pleased even more clients.
  • This new success doesn't place any more demands on you. Not your brain power, not your time, not your labor.

We get that might sound "impossible" to you if you've been chained to your business all this time, holding it together with your own blood, sweat, and tears. Most of our clients show up a little burnt out and uncertain if they can really create a more efficient business that allows them the free time they want.

The Clockwork System™️ consists of 11 modules with bite-sized training videos that explain each part of the framework and have accompanying tools and templates that will help you seamlessly implement what you've learned into your business:

  • Module 1: The Clockwork System™️ ⎯ Learn why your business is still stuck, and how this course will change that
  • Module 2: Identify + Promise ⎯ Learn who you are serving and declare your big promise to them
  • Module 3: Determine the QBR ⎯ Clarify your company's highest value, and the activities that generate it
  • Module 4: Protect and serve the QBR ⎯ Establish primary roles for the team (even for a team of 1 or 2) to maximize your efficiency and value
  • Module 5: Find your 4D Mix ⎯ Get immediate clarity on where the time is really going and how to make the most of it
  • Module 6: Delegate tasks with ease ⎯ Effectively delegate by establishing a code for decision-making that turns both you and your team into confident, efficient leaders
  • Module 7: Capturing Systems & Processes ⎯ Use a simple processes to capture your existing systems, optimize, and maximize them to easily manage projects going forward
  • Module 8: Rebalance the team for long-term growth ⎯ Learn how to effectively balance your team's talent to help you grow faster and improve retention
  • Module 9: Master your Metrics ⎯ Set up a metrics dashboard that will allow you to instantly get a snapshot of how your business is performing at all times
  • Module 10: Bottlenecks ⎯ Identify your biggest bottlenecks so you can plan effectively and accordingly for ASAP growth
  • Module 11: Vacation Planning ⎯ Everything you need to do before, during, and after your 4-week Clockwork vacation

3 Modules

Module 1: The Clockwork System™️

Objective: To become familiar with the framework of clockworking a business and start shifting your way of thinking.

Minutes of video: 27

Module 2: Identify + Promise

Objective: To identify who the ideal customer is (and who is not) and determine what is being promised to them.

Minutes of video for key concepts: 11

Module 3: Determine the QBR

Objective: To determine the company's QBR, which is HOW to deliver the big promise as a home run every time.

Minutes of video for key concepts: 29

Modules for this product 3
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