ActiveCampaign Internal Audit

We are thrilled that you are interested in our ActiveCampaign Internal Audit Digital Resource.

This resource is a one-time purchase where you'll receive lifetime access to The Email Marketing Automation ("EMA") audit process. This is the step-by-step process that we take our 1:1 client's through in the initial phase of onboarding. We've packaged the process up for you to follow at any point in time when you feel your ActiveCampaign database needs an organizational refresh and new strategy ideas.

This resource will ideally be purchased for an internal team member whose role is to become more educated with the strategies, implementation and integration possibilities within ActiveCampaign.

With purchase of this ActiveCampaign Internal Audit course, you will also receive access to the EMA support staff to submit your work for review and quality assurance. We believe that everything is better with a sense of community and support, which is why we feel strongly about providing you access to our team as you go through this resource.

Overview of Modules within this course:

  • Module 1: The EMA Foundational Tasks
  • Module 2: Introduction to ActiveCampaign Terms
  • Exercise Set One
  • Module 3: Initial Lead Source
  • Module 4: Site Tracking
  • Module 5: Engagement Tags and Automations
  • Module 6: Authentication and Spam Prevention
  • Module 7: Google Analytics
  • Module 8: Email Design
  • Module 9: ActiveCampaign Account Optimization + Best Practice
  • Module 10: Benchmark Statistics
  • Module 11: Course Completion

13 Modules

Module 1: The EMA Foundational Tasks

Objective: To learn the foundational tasks of the ActiveCampaign audit.

Minutes of Video: 4:06

Module 2: Introduction To ActiveCampaign Terms

Objective: To gain a basic understanding of the terminology used within ActiveCampaign.

Minutes of Video: 5:53

Exercise Set One

Complete Key Terms Quizzes and Reflection Questions about Chapters 1-2.

Please take your time with Reflection Questions, which are set up as free response, so your answers demonstrate comprehension and application of the material.

Note: If you have questions about the materials, do not ask them in the free response section. Utilize the Facebook community.

Module 3: Initial Lead Source

Objective: To add a data collection method to your ActiveCampaign database that allows your company to track where leads are coming from and aid in optimization of marketing efforts.

Minutes of Video: 7:22

Module 4: Site Tracking

Objective: To enable your ActiveCampaign database to follow contacts throughout their journey, and respond or follow up with them on a more personal level based on site visit actions that they take.

Minutes of Video: 4:14

Module 5: Engagement Tags and Automations

Objective: To start tracking email platform engagement and identify your most engaged users by defining: recent activity, engaged, disengaged and inactive users. This will allow for further segmentation of your database.

Minutes of Video: 12:18

Module 7: Google Analytics

Objective: To integrate your ActiveCampaign database with Google Analytics and see your email results within Analytics by tracking all of your link clicks.

Minutes of Video:

Module 8: Email Design

Objective: To understand the components that go into an email with the best chances of success in reaching a contact's inbox.

Minutes of Video:

Module 9: ActiveCampaign Account Optimization + Best Practice

Objective: To discuss optimization and growth opportunities, benchmark reporting statistics, and a strategy plan for month-over-month analysis.

Minutes of Video:

Module 10: Benchmark Statistics

Objective: To collect benchmark statistics for your ActiveCampaign account at the time of optimization for comparison purposes after optimization has been completed.

Minutes of Video:

Module 11: Course Completion

Objective: To meet with the founder of Email Marketing Automations for a review and grading of your implementation efforts to be assured of proper setup and functionality of your ActiveCampaign account.

Minutes on Zoom: 45

Modules for this product 13
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